As a nutritionist, I often have clients asking for a healthy and delicious sweet snack. Such was the case with an 11 year old Type-1 diabetic little boy I helped. He had a sweet tooth, but almost all the sweets on the market were unhealthy and artificial. I began to experiment with all kinds of possibilities. I knew that I had to use a food high in protein, but low in fat and with a lot of fiber…naturally my ideas were centered around grains and the like. I had some EPIC FAILS (note to self…butter beans are not yummy in a chocolate coating). During my experimentation phase, I was on a layover and wandered into the always vegan friendly Indian restaurant. I sat at the bar, as I was alone, and was presented with a cute little dish of savory, crispy lentils to snack on. As I munched I began to imagine how I could adapt the dish into a sweet treat. Lentils are an AMAZING food…very nutrient dense and with a glycemic index of just 25. After hundreds of test batches, I created a delicious snack using sprouted lentils, raw cacao, spices,and melted vegan chocolate. The clusters are rich, chocolaty, and satisfying. The little boy loved them and they were a treat he could enjoy that was truly healthy. I hope you love them too!

I use sprouted lentils and sprouted oats. This results in a more digestible protein as well as retention of minerals and enzymes. I use no preservatives or emulsifiers therefore you may notice the chocolate is less shiny than processed snacks. The same delicious taste is there minus all the yucky stabilizers….enjoy! It is my mission to share my love of healthy foods with you. I would love to hear from you on ways you enjoyed my lentils.